Blind Guardian “Three Dragons” Tourshirt- Making of

I’m very happy to present another tourshirt I did for Blind Guardian this year. The Artwork is called “Three Dragons” and it is now available at EMP Merchandising. Below are some work in progress steps. I thought it might be interesting for you since this is the first shirt-artwork I painted in oil color.

First step was a thumbnail for the composition and placement of three dragons.

Next was the preliminary drawing for the oil painting.

Then I mounted the paper on board and applied a first rough coat of acrylic colors to set a color base for the oil painting.

A work in progress shot of the oil painting. I started with the dragons and added the background later on. Painting dragons is loads of fun :).

Finally the finished oil painting, ready to be photographed for use as a digital artwork for screenprinting. The logo is implemented digitally along with some touch up and shaping for the shirt-artwork.


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  1. Wow!
    Super Design! Das Shirt wird bestimmt reissenden absatz finden! 😀

  2. Hi Melanie, vielen Dank für das Feedback :)!

  3. Drake Dragon

    Dang, missed another blind guardian tour shirt…Love the dragon design!

  4. Andrea

    I’m sorry that you’ve missed it. Thank you very much for the feedback. I’m happy that you like the design :)!

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