Below is a list of the books I read and use for my education and some for entertainment. All pictures and text links are linked to Amazon. There you can have a look at  previews and read detailed descriptions for the books. I hope this list is useful to you.

Little Book of Skulls – Timeless Advice for Artists is available under ISBN-13: 9783755783602 at Amazon and at BoD.

Are you facing seemingly insurmountable challenges with your new art project? Do you seek inspiration to cut through the jungle that keeps you from continuing on the path you have chosen? Is your heart faltering? Or is it just a slow afternoon and you are looking for something to pass your time with while you enjoy that cup of coffee? A book of beautiful images and wise words maybe?

The Little Book of Skulls might be just what you need right now. It has all you want from a book: Lots of pretty pictures. A few wise words from great artists througout history (but not too many letters that would tire your eyes.) And some sound advice for your own projects, for the work you really love and are desperate to finish.


Human Anatomy for Artist is my favourite book when it comes to learning human anatomy. For me it gives an insight of what is underneath the skin. You can have a look where the muscles are attached to the bone. That is an important information for the understanding of the human form and structure. You need two know how things are built and how they work.


The Animator’s Survival Kit is very useful when it comes to character animation. When I did my first steps in video game animation a few years ago this book was always by my side.


The Hobbit is and will always be one of my favourite fantasy books. All the bookmarks are on pages with scenes that I would love to illustrate in the future

We just finished work on a completely revised edition of Die Arbeit der Heidelbären, a highly scientific book about a group of individuals who works hard to supply all of us with Blueberries. It is a German book suitable for children and adults alike. It was a pleasure to create the anatomically accurate illustrations for this book which contains several field reports by Felix Olschewski. Available now on Amazon.

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