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Sculpting with chocolate

Today I spent some time at the Cocoàfair Chocolate Factory. With chocolate especially prepared for sculpting I started to create a dragon. Below are some photos of the…


Thinking about the best way to end the amazing old year and celebrate the new year I have decided to start with a new oil painting. Details of…


For a couple of month I have been working on a series of oil paintings about evolution and transformation. Many Pages of my sketchbook are loaded with ideas on these topics….

Pearlrider WIP

WIP of my oil painting of the Pearl Rider. Inspired by the story of “Elric of Melnibone” from one of my favourite authors Michael Moorcock.

New Blind Guardian Merch available

It was my great pleasure and an honor to go on another ride into obsession and create two brandnew T-Shirt Designs for Blind Guardian. The band allowed me a lot…

Cover Art for the song “Violet” by Felix Olschewski

It was my great pleasure to work for Felix Olschewski again. He had asked me to illustrate the cover for his brand new song Violet. This song kind of tickles…

The importance of warming up

When I faced the challenge to draw 2-minute poses for the first time it was confusing and I had a hard time to focus on the important things….

Figure Drawing Session

I’m very happy to draw from the model again. Below is one of my favourite drawings from the sessions. At the next session I have to warm up before the…

Book recommendation

A few days ago I needed to trace some lines quickly. So I did it in an oldschool way by using the window. So often you correct things…

The Mother Yeast

On my last trip to Cape Town it was a pleasure to spend  some time and have breakfast or lunch or dessert at Caffe Milano on Kloof Street….