At the moment I’m experimenting with watercolors, gouache and ink. My silver dragon is the first painting to show in a row of artworks using gouache and black ink. Here’s a little summary of the progress and the material involved to create this artwork.

Hahnemühle postcard paper is my favourite for experimenting on a small scale with watercolors. The Silver Dragon painting’s base is a pencil drawing with my 2B lead mechanical pencil, size 0.35. In the next step I inked the outlines with my Rotring Isograph. I find it easier to work with those instead of a quill. It’s very precise inking. The isograph pen is refillable and when you buy it used and overhauled on ebay, quite affordable.

The watercolor I use at the moment for coloring is a set from Schmincke. Brushes are DaVinci Synthetic Brushes size 1 and 4. The dragon is colored with Horadam gouache, ivory black. Highlights are painted with Artist’s Acrylic Colors from Lascaux. The white color in from the set has a touch of yellow. I don’t like that in a black and white painting, so therefor I use acrylic paint/titanium white. Here is my final mixed media Silver Dragon postcard painting. Thanks for watching!