“Welcome Death” is a very personal  artwork which developed over time. Just from a painful feeling I created a thumbnail and it rested in the book for several months. I just wasn’t ready to paint it. Death has its own timing and sometimes it is welcome and a release. This artwork might look rough compared to my other paintings, but for me it feels just right. I felt  that I see everything in it that I need to see and that is just alright for painting.

Welcome Death

Welcome Death Detail

Below is my workstation. It is still my favourite place to be. Oil painting just feels great and I’m looking forward to learn more and more about it. I recently switched to just painting with linseed oil as a medium. I paint a lot thinner now. It is great because you don’t have the smell of terpentine. Drying times are ok for me. I just put up a second easel and work on a second painting while the paint is still wet.