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  1. I absolutely love the Blind Guardian Bards Song art. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks a lot for your feedback, Nicole. It was a joy to paint it while listening to this beautiful song over and over again.

  3. Frank Macvan

    Wow die Bilder von Blind Guardian sind so Klasse ❗❗❗

  4. Danke dir für dein Feedback! Es freut mich sehr, dass dir die Bilder gefallen.

  5. Blind Guardian Prophecies is absolutley amazing. i really love it .

    Hello from Chile . I´d like to invite you to know my band Nimrod BC on Facebook.

    Saludos !!

    Fernando Gonzalez C.

  6. Fernando, thank you very much for your feedback! All the best for you and your band and greetings to Chile!

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