The Mother Yeast

On my last trip to Cape Town it was a pleasure to spend  some time and have breakfast or lunch or dessert at Caffe Milano on Kloof Street. Chef Giorgio Nava works on his bread and pastry with his mother yeast. The artwork below is 20x30cm, acrylics on canvas board and was a gift for Giorgio as a thank you for all the love he puts in his art of Italian pastry. I already miss that place a lot. Caffe Milano is also a nice place to draw people, I did that frequently.


Skull Emblem

This Skull Emblem is for one of my personal projects. This is just a snapshot of the painting, but I wanted to publish it and start with a new painting. It is an oil painting on canvas board, original size 40×50 cm. I’ve captured a huge part of the painting process. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to edit the videos yet. In the first thumbnails for this painting it was loads of fun to play with the position and the dynamics of the lions. I love emblems or crests and I will do more of those in the future. I like to give them my own twist.

Andrea Christen Skull Crest

Welcome Death

“Welcome Death” is a very personal  artwork which developed over time. Just from a painful feeling I created a thumbnail and it rested in the book for several months. I just wasn’t ready to paint it. Death has its own timing and sometimes it is welcome and a release. This artwork might look rough compared to my other paintings, but for me it feels just right. I felt  that I see everything in it that I need to see and that is just alright for painting.

Welcome Death

Welcome Death Detail

Below is my workstation. It is still my favourite place to be. Oil painting just feels great and I’m looking forward to learn more and more about it. I recently switched to just painting with linseed oil as a medium. I paint a lot thinner now. It is great because you don’t have the smell of terpentine. Drying times are ok for me. I just put up a second easel and work on a second painting while the paint is still wet.


The Trophy

“The Trophy” is my submission for the ArtOrder Nymph-Challenge. The artwork was painted traditionally in oil on paper on board. The original size is 15,7″ x 23,2″. The category I chose was Book Illustration, Adult. I had loads of fun doing it and improved my workflow which is great for future paintings.

The Trophy

Calling for Entmoot

Last night I finished my oil painting “Calling for Entmoot”. Inspiration for this artwork hit me when I heard the audiobook of ” The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien. I love this audiobook, I’m hearing it for the third time and everytime I hear it again I catch some new wonderful details that I might have overheard/overread at the last time. This is Treebeard gathering Ents by singing the invitation for Entmoot while standing in the Entwash for refreshment and strength. I just love the character and I’ll definetely come back to him in another artwork. The artwork is traditionally painted oil paper on board in the size 40,2 x 59,5cm (15,8 x 23,4 inch). I did loads of “work in progress”-shots and will post a making of in the near future. Unfortunately it is not possible today due to my workload. Thanks for reading and watching :)!


Blind Guardian “Three Dragons” Tourshirt- Making of

I’m very happy to present another tourshirt I did for Blind Guardian this year. The Artwork is called “Three Dragons” and it is now available at EMP Merchandising. Below are some work in progress steps. I thought it might be interesting for you since this is the first shirt-artwork I painted in oil color.

First step was a thumbnail for the composition and placement of three dragons.

Next was the preliminary drawing for the oil painting.

Then I mounted the paper on board and applied a first rough coat of acrylic colors to set a color base for the oil painting.

A work in progress shot of the oil painting. I started with the dragons and added the background later on. Painting dragons is loads of fun :).

Finally the finished oil painting, ready to be photographed for use as a digital artwork for screenprinting. The logo is implemented digitally along with some touch up and shaping for the shirt-artwork.


Silver Dragon

At the moment I’m experimenting with watercolors, gouache and ink. My silver dragon is the first painting to show in a row of artworks using gouache and black ink. Here’s a little summary of the progress and the material involved to create this artwork.

Hahnemühle postcard paper is my favourite for experimenting on a small scale with watercolors. The Silver Dragon painting’s base is a pencil drawing with my 2B lead mechanical pencil, size 0.35. In the next step I inked the outlines with my Rotring Isograph. I find it easier to work with those instead of a quill. It’s very precise inking. The isograph pen is refillable and when you buy it used and overhauled on ebay, quite affordable.

The watercolor I use at the moment for coloring is a set from Schmincke. Brushes are DaVinci Synthetic Brushes size 1 and 4. The dragon is colored with Horadam gouache, ivory black. Highlights are painted with Artist’s Acrylic Colors from Lascaux. The white color in from the set has a touch of yellow. I don’t like that in a black and white painting, so therefor I use acrylic paint/titanium white. Here is my final mixed media Silver Dragon postcard painting. Thanks for watching!

Mermaid Sketch

A few weeks ago a conversation with a friend about mermaids inspired me to draw a mermaid riding a sea dragon. This is the preliminary sketch for a painting. I’m considering to paint it with watercolors matching the water theme and I’m looking forward to paint the froth and the reflecting scales.