For a couple of month I have been working on a series of oil paintings about evolution and transformation. Many Pages of my sketchbook are loaded with ideas on these topics. Today I present the first painting of my “Cocoon” series. Below are some photos of my progress and the final result.

The final oil painting. It was intended to be a preliminary oil painting for a larger canvas. Now I like it as it is and decided that this is the final work.

Andrea Christen Cocoon


My first step to start a oil painting like the “Cocoon” is to do thumbnails for composition. After choosing the composition that works best for me in the thumbnail I start developing the preliminary drawing for the painting.


The next step is to transfer the drawing to my canvas board. My prefered technique is to cover the backside of a copy of the drawing with pencilstrokes and trace all the lines I need for the underpainting.


The underpainting is painted in raw umber with a hint of ultramarine acrylic paint.



Before I start with the oil paint layers I add rough color with acrylic paint. At this stage it looks even to me like a mess and it actually is the hardest stage of a painting for me yet.


Please write in the comment section below if you have any questions on my progress.