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AC/DC Shirt Design

What could be better than seeing your favourite band (AC/DC, who else?) live, screaming, jumping and rocking with the crowd for two hours? Two weeks ago I could not imagine what the answer might be. But now I am very happy and utterly excited to announce, that two of my AC/DC T-Shirt artwork designs got approved […]

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Tourshirts on the road

After designing two tourshirts for the Blind Guardian Tour 2015 it was great to see them in Düsseldorf on the merchandise booth and even more exiting worn by Blind Guardian Fans. After a few years of working for the band it is nice to see my artworks from the past years “on display” in the crowd. The show was excellent and I […]

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Blind Guardian Tour Shirt 2015

…and I am very happy to present the official tourshirt that I have created. It has been a great pleasure to create this artwork based on the stories of the “Beyond the Red Mirror”-Album. Dear Blind Guardian Fans, enjoy the concerts! I am very much  looking forward to see the band live in Düsseldorf. See […]

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New Blind Guardian Merch available

It was my great pleasure and an honor to go on another ride into obsession and create two brandnew T-Shirt Designs for Blind Guardian. The band allowed me a lot of freedom and I could paint along illustrating “Valhalla” one of the alltime favourite songs of Blind Guardian fans. I’m looking forward to sing that song alongside fellow fans […]

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