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Blind Guardian – Live album: Merchandise

The merchandise that goes with the Blind Guardian – Live Beyond the Spheres album is now available from EMP.

The artwork on the shirts and sweaters might look identical to the album cover but I made a few changes:

  • I moved the dragon further towards the front so that it pops out of the attire a bit more.
  • Also I decided to build upon the theme of chaos, renewal and decay by changing the edge of the image so that it breaks away into the void (hah!) of the cloth.
  • Last but not least I enhanced the color scheme so that it works better in textile print.
  • For the back/pocket print I expanded some of the imagery from inside of the digipack.

So: What you get is not just a cover artwork slapped on a shirt – but a custom-tailored image adapted to the textile, the beloved bandshirt.

I am looking forward to wearing these to the next Blind Guardian shows myself. And I am really glad that we got to make a girlie-top.

All images below are linked directly to the store.


  • Elaine Castillo

    I love have one of the T-shirts do you have a place for the American side to get it ?
    EMP I did not sell to American nor does it shipped here!
    Could you put some on Nuclear blast website Store ?

  • Thanks for your comment, Elaine. I will forward your request to the merchandise department.

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