Last night I finished my oil painting “Calling for Entmoot”. Inspiration for this artwork hit me when I heard the audiobook of ” The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien. I love this audiobook, I’m hearing it for the third time and everytime I hear it again I catch some new wonderful details that I might have overheard/overread at the last time. This is Treebeard gathering Ents by singing the invitation for Entmoot while standing in the Entwash for refreshment and strength. I just love the character and I’ll definetely come back to him in another artwork. The artwork is traditionally painted oil paper on board in the size 40,2 x 59,5cm (15,8 x 23,4 inch). I did loads of “work in progress”-shots and will post a making of in the near future. Unfortunately it is not possible today due to my workload. Thanks for reading and watching :)!